How much do households in Hawai‘i have to earn to be considered “middle class”?

What the data shows from 2011 to 2021

(Not adjusted for cost of living. Adjustment factors coming soon)

Household income for Hawaii’s households from 2011 to 2021 were sourced from the United States Census Bureau’s Public Use Microdata Samples and adjusted for household size in order to reflect the budget constraints that larger households face. “Middle Class” households in Hawai‘i are identified as those with an income ranging from two-thirds to double the state median household income, following the Pew Research Center’s methodology in “America’s Shrinking Middle Class” (2016). The percent of households within a given household income threshold (where each household income threshold is represented by one vertical bar in the graph) is calculated by dividing the number of Middle Class Households from the Total Households in that income threshold.