Why we exist

Whether it’s working on innovative initiatives or aligning with existing organizations and efforts, we want to do everything in our power to help working families afford to live, work and play here – for this and future generations.

Our Mission

Keep all local working families in Hawai‘i by creating cross-sector solutions and executing sustainable pathways to make sure they can afford to stay.

Our Vision

A flourishing local economy that is diverse, sustainable, and inclusive where all working families thrive, those who have left can return, and local businesses prosper.

What we do

Foster collaboration and find common ground between the private sector, nonprofit sector, labor, government, and more.

Provide public education about how government in Hawai‘i impacts everyone’s daily lives so that we can reduce barriers to involvement and increase civic engagement.

Use data to show the current state of working families in Hawai‘i, expose trends over time, and diagnose the symptoms and root causes of our pressing affordability challenges.

Advocate for evidence-based policies that enable all working families to thrive so they can realize a brighter future for themselves and their children in Hawai‘i.